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Aeonium & Abalone Earrings


    A pair of large non identical cast Aeonium succulents with abalone shells that have been embellished with diamante chain.


    This piece is very relevant to my conceptual practice. The abalone shell is beautifully sculptural and pearlescent but also thin, delicate and very fragile. There is a substantial risk that the shell would break if crushed or dropped on a hard surface. The are to be admired and treasured for as long as they last. And if they were to break they would simply become a lovely pair of Aeonium succulent earrings. Alternatively the shell could be swapped for a large Keshi pearl or similar.


    The holes along the abalone shell are so the abalone can expel water that has passed through their gills. The undulating shell protects them from wave action.


    Sterling silver, Abalone shell, nylon, silver plated brass, diamante.


    RIGHT: 19mm X 22mm X 11mm Aeonium.

    40mm X 28mm X 14mm Abalone shell. Total height 60mm


    LEFT: 22mm X 22mm X 9mm Aeonium.

    38mm X 28mm X 16mm Abalone shell. Total height 62mm


    This piece may have a rare or seasonal lost wax casting element or is part of a conceptual collection. Once sold, it is unlikely to be available again.

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