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Banksia Menziesii Leaf Pendant (Large)


    The shape is taken from the leaf of the Banksia variety 'Menziesii', also known as Firewood Banksia. Its nyoongar name is Bulgalla.

    The leaf is cut from metal, textured and sculpted entirely by hand, with each little line of the leaf venation pattern being individually punched into the metal. The venation pattern varies between the different types of banksia leaves.


    There are 2 loops on the back of the pendant so it can be worn horizontally or vertically. If worn horizontally, the long chain threads through the loops and the pendant moves freely along so the angle it sits changes as you move.


    Sterling silver in a satin finish.


    76mm X 20mm X 7mm pendant. 


    Total Length 90cm


    This item is currently in stock.


    Please allow up to 4 weeks for this item.


    Slight variations may occur as this item is crafted by hand.

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