Banksia Ashbyi Veil Attachment


    The shape is taken from the leaf of the Banksia variety 'Ashbyii’, which is endemic to Western Australia. The leaves are deeply serrated with triangular pointed tips.

    The leaf is cut from metal, textured and sculpted entirely by hand, with each little line of the leaf venation pattern being individually punched into the metal. The venation pattern varies between the different types of banksia leaves.


    It is designed to be stitched to a veil comb. Loops attached to fit to an 8cm bridal veil comb but can be customised if necessary.


    18k yellow gold plated brass.


    110mm X 25mm X 7mm


    This item is in stock. If for any reason it is out of stock, you will be notified and we will endeavour to have one made within 2 weeks.


    Slight variations may occur as this item is crafted by hand.