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Golden Heart Leaf Necklace with Pearls


    A golden heart on a dark chain with 3 little pearls. The shape is taken from a Eucalyptus leaf called 'Heart Leaf Mallee' or 'Eucalyptus Websteriana', which is endemic to the Goldfields/Esperance region of Western Australia. The Nyoongar name for Esperance is Kepa Kurl, which means "where the water lies like a boomerang".

    A sweet, hopeful heart shape that is slightly more abstract than a typical heart. The hammered texture creates an effect where light glimmers across the surface. 


    18k yellow gold plated Sterling silver pendant, oxidised Sterling silver chain and freshwater pearls.


    Pendant 27mm X 20mm X 5mm. Total length on chain 43.5cm.


    Please allow up to 4 weeks for this item.


    Slight variations may occur as this item is crafted by hand.

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