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Golden Heart Leaf studs (small)


    Hand cut and textured heart shaped stud earrings. The shape is taken from a Eucalyptus leaf called 'Heart Leaf Mallee' or 'Eucalyptus Websteriana', which is endemic to the Goldfields/Esperance region of Western Australia. The Nyoongar name for Esperance is Kepa Kurl, which means "where the water lies like a boomerang".


    A sweet, hopeful heart shape that is slightly more abstract than a typical heart. The hammered texture creates an effect where light glimmers across the surface. The post is positioned so the hearts sit on the side and nestle nicely in to the contours of the face and neck.


    18k yellow gold plated Sterling silver.


    27mm X 20mm X 3mm. Not including post.


    This item is currently in stock.


    Please allow up to 4 weeks for this item.


    Slight variations may occur as this item is crafted by hand.

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