Black Geraldton Wax with Pearl Hoops


    Hand cut, textured and formed Geraldton Wax flowers made from Oxidised Sterling silver

    16mm X 16mm X 7mm (not including post)




    Pearl Hoop Attachment made from 5mm oval freshwater pearls and Sterling silver chain.

    Inner diameter 34mm.


    The two elements are seperate and can be worn individually. At the top of the chain on the pearl hoop there is a small ring, which slides over the stud earring post. This attachment can also be worn with other stud earrings.


    Geraldton Wax or 'Chamelaucium Uncinatum' is a flowering shrub endemic to Western Australia. It is widely used in floral arrangements and it is also used in cooking. The leaves have a flavour similar to Lemongrass, Lemon Myrtle or Kaffir Lime.


    Please allow 4 weeks for this item to be made.


    Slight variations may occur as this item is crafted by hand.