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Each piece is uniquely hand crafted and as such slight variations may occur in form and finish. Some pieces have 'makers marks', which we have chosen to apply or retain if we consider they enhance the final piece. All care and consideration is shown when designing each piece to ensure quality and longevity, however, certain care must be taken with some elements. Some of the more statement pieces are considered to be special occasion pieces, ie. bridal wear, and not intended for everyday wear. Some floral forms are quite organic and could be caught on clothing or hair, so certain care must be shown when wearing and putting these items on and taking them off.

Gold plating and oxidisation (blackened silver) are surface treatments and can wear away in places. For this reason, we generally don't apply these treatments to items like rings, which this is more likely to happen to. Extra care must be taken when cleaning these items. 

Sterling silver can tarnish over time with exposure to air and certain chemicals, like chlorine & bleach. We recommend keeping jewellery in the original packaging away from sunlight, heat and moisture. If transferring to a jewellery box, place individual pieces in a ziplock bag or wrapped in a soft cloth. Please get in contact if you have any issues with tarnish and we can recommend an appropriate solution. Do not try to scrub with a brush or abrasive substance.

Pearls are vulnerable to scratches. For this reason, we generally only use pearls on earrings, pendants and special occasion pieces. Pearls are also vulnerable to certain chemicals and exposure to humidity, so we recommend not wearing them in the shower or exposing to perfumes, hairsprays, etc.

We do not generally provide refunds for change of mind, so please choose carefully. Feel free to get in contact if you need any advice on sizing or other queries.

All pieces are carefully inspected for quality before packing and shipping. We do not provide refunds or exchanges for damage caused by mishandling or wear and tear but please get in contact if you have any concerns.

Please allow on average 2-4 weeks for your order to be hand crafted and dispatched, although in stock items may be dispatched sooner. We welcome enquiries about specific time estimates so please get in contact.

Please get in contact if you want to enquire about different materials, finishes, sizes, etc or if you are having trouble ordering multiples.

Australian orders are shipped via Australia Post Express with signature on delivery.

For international orders, express post is our suggested shipping method but standard shipping is available where possible. If your country is not listed please contact us to see if shipping can be arranged.

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